Shigeru Nishikawa

Copyright(c) Shigeru Nishikawa

Sealed House 121-New National Stadium 2- 970×1940mm oil, graphite, metal powder on canvas, panel 2020


Sealed House 94 , oil, graphite, metal powder on canvas, panel ,458×380mm ,2019

この度 Gallery OUT of PLACE TOKIOにおきましてグループ展「N.B.A. three visions」に参加する運びとなしましたので下記の通りご案内させていただきます。

N.B.A[Nothing but Art] three visions
鷲津民子 西川茂 高橋功樹
会期:2019年7月26日(金)- 9月1日(日)
木曜−日曜 12:00 – 19:00 *月、火、水 休廊 *夏季休廊:8月12日(月・祝)〜21日(水)

Exhibition period : 27th Jul. (Fri.) – 1st Sep. (Sun.), 2019
open : thu.-sun. 12:00-19:00 *closed on and 12th〜21st Aug.

Gallery OUT of PLACE TOKIO は‘19真夏の企画展として、主に関西を拠点の活動する3人の美術家:鷲津民子、西川茂、高橋功樹によるグループ展「N.B.A three visions」を開催致します。

Gallery OUT of PLACE TOKIO is very pleased to announce our new exhibition “N.B.A. three visions”
by three artists mainly based in Kansai: Tamiko Washizu, Shigeru Nishikawa and Koju Takahashi, as a ’19 Midsummer special exhibition.
Tamiko Washizu tries to lead herself to a more free spirit by the drawing works she produces,
Nishikawa’s motif is a shielded building in the unique brushwork and color, foreseeing a city view in the near future.
And Koju Takahashi commits his isolated life to the creation of abstract painting with the sharpened composition and plaster.
Please take a look at the different visions of painting by 3 excellent painters.