Shigeru Nishikawa

Copyright(c) Shigeru Nishikawa

Sealed House 121-New National Stadium 2- 970×1940mm oil, graphite, metal powder on canvas, panel 2020


Sealed House 55-M +museum-

2018年10月19日(金)〜28日(日)の期間、東京都内各所にて開催されるデザインフェスティバル「DESIGNART TOKYO」に参加します。
展示会場となるDESIGNART GALLERYでは13組の様々なジャンルのクリエイターが一堂に集まったグループ展となります。
今回はM + museumをモチーフとした三点(新作二点)の大作を展示予定です。

東京都港区北青山3-5-12 青山クリスタルビルB2F「FrancFranc Forest」




DESIGNART is a new word that redefines the things that touch us and bring emotion to our everyday lives through function and beauty. It is also the name of the movement to spread and share this amazing concept. With the concept of “Emotions” we will gather and exhibit emotional design and art contents from all over the world, Through the recent years, the boundaries between design and art have been crossing over, and works surpassing such boundaries have been creating an international movement. However, to save the traditional industries around the world, we have noticed the need to clarify the identity of these movements through design or art, and send out this information to the people who are interested in an “Emotions”. Through our sustainable activities, we aim to enrich the qualities of lives, along with spreading the word DESIGNART, as a term to explain design and art on the same level, not just domestically but also internationally.